Agrifood Organics is a Kenya based company that sells fresh organic food products that have been grown by local organic certified smallholder farmers. These products are vegetables, fruits, juices, local (kienyeji) eggs, and local (kienyeji) free range chicken. We purchase our produce directly from certified organic farmers to ensure traceability, product quality and credibility.

We also provide management advisory to our farmers, advising them on what best they can organically grow in their farms that will lead to profitable agribusiness.

The organic commodities from Agrifood Organics are reasonably priced to increase accessibility and affordability by majority of the population.

Organically grown commodities have positive benefits to human health and to the environment. Unlike conventionally produced commodities where use of synthetic pesticides is common and sometimes abused, no pesticides are used in growing organic foods. Biological substances are instead used to control pests and diseases. Some of these biological substances may be packaged and sold as organically certified by specialized companies. Studies have shown that use of pesticides in foods is associated with increased risks of diseases, including cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, breast and prostate cancer. Children, unborn babies and pregnant women are most vulnerable to pesticides in food due to their low immune systems. Exposure of young children to pesticides in foods could also have detrimental effects on their developing brains and organs.

Farming organically reduces air and water pollution, increases soil fertility and conserves water thereby benefiting our environment.

At Agrifood Organics, we care about the health and nutrition of our people as well as our environment. In Kenya, 24% of the population (one person out of every four) is undernourished (FAO, 2018) indicating that they do not eat the required quantity and quality of food. About 26% of Kenyan children under 5 years are stunted, meaning that they are too short for their age. Stunting results from inadequate consumption of important nutrients and it leads to low cognitive ability, meaning that the brains of the children do not develop appropriately. Our passion at Agrifood Organics is to contribute in changing this narrative and make nutritious and safe foods accessible and affordable to majority of the Kenyan people.

We support our farmers to produce organic commodities at the lowest possible cost and reduce inefficiencies in the supply chains to ensure the final organic products are affordable.

At Agrifood Organics, we believe that everyone has a right to safe, healthy and nutritious foods. Coming from a sustainable food systems background, the directors of Agrifood Organics could not stand seeing how much our foods are contaminated, especially fruits, vegetables, salads, and meats. How do we sit back and assume business as usual as we watch dysfunctional food systems, and as we partake in the consumption of unhealthy and unsafe foods from the unsafe food systems? This has pushed our drive to contribute in filling this gap and ensure access and affordability of safe and nutritious foods by consumers.

There are a few other retailers of organic foods in Kenya, but their products are highly priced such that only a small proportion of Kenya’s population can afford them. Majority of the middle and low-income consumers cannot afford organic foods due to the high prices. Agrifood Organics fills this gap by providing organic foods at affordable prices to ensure safe and nutritious foods are accessible to all!

How we do it? We have streamlined our supply chain so that we reduce our transaction costs along the commodity value chains. In addition, we use inclusive business models to link our procurement department with smallholder farmers. A clear understanding of our producers’ business models, and them understanding our business model, helps us to understand each other’s’ value proposition, which strengthens our trading relationship. Our producers understand that our goal is not to make huge profit margins, but our desire is to offer safe and nutritious commodities to our customers at affordable prices. We ensure win-win situation among producers, consumers and the company. The savings made along the supply chain are transferred to the consumers and farmers.

Our Vision

The vision of Agrifood Organics is to see a nation where every consumer has access to safe, nutritious and affordable foods. This will have a positive impact on consumers’ health, nutrition and the economy
at large.

Our Value

We believe that everyone has a right to have access to safe, healthy and nutritious foods. We are passionate about healthy eating practices, which culminate in healthy living. At Agrifood Organics, there is only one option;
safe, affordable and nutritious food.

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